Teeth are like street lamps at nights – you don’t realize how useful they really are until they are gone. The hidden functions of teeth are many. Teeth play an important role in your beautiful smile.

Today we will be focusing on the different types of teeth that you have. Bet you didn’t know you had four types of teeth.

Most adults have 32 permanent adult tooth. The teeth can be broken down into four categories: incisors (canines), premolars, molars, and molars.

  1. Incisors
    These are the teeth that greet you, your family, and grace your photos. You should give your incisors a lot of attention if you want to have a beautiful smile. Regular tooth brushing and flossing are important steps to achieve a beautiful smile.

Incisors are four of the most prominent middle teeth on the top and bottom jaws . Incisors are the first to eat food and they also support the lips.

There are two types lateral and central incisors.

Central incisors
What makes it possible to pronounce your consonants correctly? These are your maxillary central incisors.

The central incisors are located in the front of your jaws. Your most prominent feature is the top row of central incisors. They are shaped like shovels.

One root is found in the bottom central incisors. They are responsible for helping to chew food.

Lateral incisors
Your lateral incisors are the small teeth that lie between your canines and your central incisors. Adults have four lateral and two lower incisors. The lateral incisors are small and thin and have one root.

The lateral incisors are crucial in digestion because they help break down food during mastication. Your lateral incisors will be there when you next chew your food.

  1. Canines
    Canine is the second type of tooth. There are four canines for adults, one each on the top and bottom of the incisors. Your canines can be found at the curve of your tooth arch on either side of your jaw.

Canine conjures up images of friendly dogs and canines. This may be due to the pointy tip of canines. The “cusp” is the highest peak of a canine.

Canines are the strongest of the four types of teeth. They are resistant to the extreme pressure of chewing. Your teeth’s overall function is dependent on your canines. Canines are essential in supporting your teeth, canines can shear food and support the lips. They also assist in chewing food by helping to aid your incisors or premolars. Canines can help guide your teeth when they come in contact with the lower and top jaws.

  1. Premolars
    Your premolars are located just behind your canines. Four premolars are found on adults, four at the top and bottom. Two cusps are found in premolars. They are flat on the top and used to chew food. Premolars are used to break down food and make it easier to chew. Premolars are able to keep your face height.
  2. Molars
    Your premolars are right next to your molars. These are your strongest and most powerful teeth. They are also the widest and flattest of all teeth. Adults have 12 teeth, six on the top and six at the bottom. The back of your mouth is where the molars are located. They cluster in four groups of three.