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What your mouth says about your health

Healthy gums, strong teeth and neutral breath are indicators of overall hygiene. Maintaining good oral health can prevent many diseases and disorders from developing inside the mouth. Many diseases, such as diabetes, start in the mouth.

Bleeding gums is one of many signs that can indicate a blood-related disorder. Periodontitis, which affects the gums and bone surrounding the teeth, is often diagnosed along with other heart conditions. Good oral hygiene habits are key to preventing disease and maintaining good health. Regular visits to your family dentist in Lethbridge are important.

Signs and symptoms of oral conditions
One of the most common signs that a patient has oral health problems is a toothache. It can indicate a problem with the gums, such as cavities or trauma to the teeth. Sore or bleeding gums can often be a sign of more serious issues such as gingivitis. Mouth sores can also be a sign of a dental problem. This could be caused by bacteria or viruses in the mouth. A common sign of gum disease is persistent bad breath. It is important to visit a Lethbridge dental as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. This will help with early diagnosis and treatment of many oral conditions.

Saliva: A Helpful Diagnostic Tool
The salivary glands create lubrication and help digestion. It is widely used as a diagnostic tool. Although 99.5% of saliva is water, it contains hormones, enzymes, growth factors, and other substances. It is able to diagnose many diseases, including diabetes, HIV, cystic fibrosis, and oral cancer. It is also used to test for drug use.

Saliva disables Bacteria & Viruses
Saliva contains properties that can heal wounds and disarm certain pathogens. Saliva is one of the most important defenses against harmful pathogens. The pH balance in the mouth is kept alkaline by saliva, which prevents many bacteria from growing. Small lesions in tooth enamel can also be treated by small phosphate and calcium ion concentrations found in saliva. Oral thrush is caused by the natural growth of harmful fungus. The saliva contains histadins which inhibit the growth.

Dental Plaque: The Links to Infections & Diseases
Dental plaque is a naturally occurring, bacterial mass that forms on the teeth, gums, and other surfaces of your mouth. It begins as a sticky, colorless deposit but eventually becomes thicker and turns yellow or brown. Gum disease and dental decay are both caused by dental plaque. Acids are produced by bacteria in dental plaque, which can cause cavities and eventually tooth decay. Regularly remove dental plaque by flossing your teeth and visiting your Lethbridge dentist twice per year for a professional cleaning.

Oral Hygiene: The Vitality of It
Good oral hygiene is directly linked to good health. This does not mean whiter teeth. It also means healthy gums, healthy tissues and a healthy tongue. Maintaining good oral health indirectly prevents oral diseases like tooth decay and gum disease. It also helps to avoid diabetes, heart disease, and many other health problems. It is therefore important to regularly visit your dentist in Lethbridge.

Plaque: Common Causes
Failure to clean your teeth properly and regularly can result in plaque buildup and eventually, gum disease. Gum disease can lead to irreversible tooth loss due to bacteria-caused tooth decay.

Pregnancy issues, especially preterm births, and diabetes are all common conditions that seem to be associated with serious gum infection. Diabetes increases your risk of developing gum disease. It can also make it more difficult for you to treat the disease.

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