How To Use Live Resin And What Makes It Different

The relatively new form of cannabis concentrate known as the live resin is rapidly gaining popularity. Although this concentration is becoming more popular than ever before, many people are still unsure about its unique properties.

Below, you will find all the answers to your questions about live resin and its properties. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. This type of wax is still relatively new to many people.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate. It is obtained by flash freezing the cannabis to a subcritical temperature during the extraction process. This method of extracting cannabis helps preserve cannabinoids and terpenes. It results in potent, pungent dabs. You can get it easily at Sauce Warehouse. Simply visit their site and place your order.

This can affect the appearance of live resin. Your live resin’s color and consistency will depend on how the wax was extracted and the manufacturer.

You’ll find live resin in honey colors and a slightly sweetened, buttery texture. The perfect consistency of live resin is often praised. It’s easy to scoop and it’s not too sticky or runny. The perfect balance between sauces and shatter.

What does live resin serve?

Many ailments can be treated with live resin. Because the live resin is so potent, pungent, and full-bodied, it can be beneficial for many different conditions.

The most skilled cannabis users turn to live resin because of its powerful effects on pain and stress. Live resin’s enhanced effects make it possible to provide comprehensive pain relief, from head to foot, by reducing inflammation in the muscles and joints.

Although cannabis is generally known for its anti-inflammatory properties and live resin can have an even greater impact, Live resin is the best choice for those with high tolerance to cannabis but still need some relief.

You can also use heavy Indica strains to increase muscle and joint pain relief. Or, you could use strong Sativa strains that will boost creativity and motivation. Live resin’s potent effects can make cannabis more powerful, regardless of what purpose you use it for. Live resin can be a great solution if your regular dose of cannabis is not working as well as it used to.

This powerful extract is not recommended for beginners to cannabis.

What is it that makes it different?

This may not seem very different from regular wax. This is because the novel properties of the live resin are directly related to what happened before the oils from the plants are extracted.


We briefly discussed that live resin is made using a flash-frozen extraction method. This means that instead of drying the buds and curing them before extracting, the plant material is kept at sub-zero temperatures. It is crucial to keep the bud frozen during and before extraction to preserve key phytochemicals.


Although most oils are extracted from cannabis after it has been dried and cured, these processes can lead to terpene degrading or the destruction of the plant’s aromatic oils. For typical concentrates, this means they are not as fragrant and as flavorful as they could be. However, live resin is rich in flavor profiles that can enhance your experience by tenfold.

Entourage Effect

Cannabis properties work better together than they do on their own. This is known as the ” entourage effects,” which creates a powerful and complete high. It occurs when all the phytochemicals of cannabis work together. The entourage effect is active in live resin that preserves all of the plant’s qualities.