The Advantages Of Obtaining Eating Disorder Treatment In The Fall

Consider some advantages of seeking assistance sooner rather than later if you consider postponing eating disorder therapy until after the holidays. There is no one optimal time of year to seek eating disorder therapy. The ideal time is from a reputable eating disorder treatment clinic as soon as possible.

If you’re considering getting help for an eating problem this autumn, here are our top six reasons you shouldn’t put it off.

1. Early Eating Disorder Treatment Increases The Chance Of Success

Eating disorders may be difficult to cure, and if they are not treated promptly, damaging habits become ingrained and resistant to therapy. Seeking aid as soon as possible this autumn is advised to increase the chances of effective therapy. Seeking assistance can minimize eating disorder symptoms, hasten recovery, and enhance the likelihood that the eating disorder will not reoccur in the future.

2. Make Use Of Treatment Insurance Benefits Before The New Year

While you’re insurance benefits and deductible are determined by your employer’s health insurance plan schedule, most insurance deductibles reset on January 1st of each year. As a result, many patients seek therapy in December to exhaust their benefits before they expire.

If you wait until December to get therapy, your treatment options may be more limited. If you need residential care, hospital beds are more likely to be filled, and your provider alternatives may be more limited. You may avoid these difficulties by starting therapy in the fall while maximizing your insurance benefits before they reset.

3. Begin The School Year On A High Note With An Academic Liaison.

You can benefit from academic professionals’ assistance if you get therapy from a reputable treatment center in the autumn. Academic liaisons, for example, are provided by the Alternative Options and are trained to interact with your child’s school. The objective is for your kid to be able to continue their education in a supportive residential treatment facility.

4. Create Holiday Management Strategies

Eating disorders are tough to treat and can be extremely resistant. With the holidays quickly approaching, it is critical to prepare for some of the food-related issues that may arise. The best way to do this is to develop proper coping techniques before the holidays begin in the fall.

5. Reduce The Number Of School Days Missed

Children will miss fewer school days if therapy begins in the autumn rather than later in the year. Schools around the United States observe Thanksgiving by giving students two or more days off. Others are given a week off for an autumn breaking.

6. Avoid Serious Eating Disorders’ Health Implications

Delaying treatment for a kid with an eating issue can have serious repercussions, including:

  • Amenorrhea, or the lack of female menstruation
  • Impaired physical development and growth in young children
  • Low estrogen/testosterone/thyroid hormone levels

The easiest approach to minimize these complications is to begin therapy in the fall rather than postpone it. A prompt response can frequently mean a difficult recovery and a favorable treatment outcome.

Are You Worried About An Eating Disorder?

Whether you are the parent of an eating-disordered kid or are concerned that you may have an eating disorder, it is critical to get assistance from an experienced expert. You may start this process immediately by taking our free eating disorder evaluation and filling out our contact form. You have taken the first and most crucial step toward recovery by seeking this evaluation and requesting care.

We treat adults with eating disorders, teenagers with eating disorders, teens with mental health illnesses, and teens with drug misuse concerns at the Alternative Options. Each facility is entirely dedicated to one of our specialized treatment programs. We can give the most effective and efficient therapy by keeping each site specialized to one of our treatment programs.

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