Special Ways to Bond with Your Baby

No matter if you’re still pregnant or have already given birth, you surely want to feel as close as possible to your little one. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways how you can establish and enhance this bond that every parent wants to have with their baby. Here are a few tactics that you can try.

Speak to the baby while still in the belly

For starters, if you’ve still not welcomed your little one, you have a chance to start creating a special bond early. While your baby is still in your belly, you can talk to it about various topics. That way, they will be familiar with your voice even before they’re born. You can narrate your whole day. Tell them when you’re washing your face in the morning, cooking food, running errands, and preparing for bed. This is not difficult to do and it can go a long way.

Get a good look at them

Something else you can do before they are born is get familiar with how they look. For instance, you can rely on 3D and 4D ultrasound scans to get a first glimpse of your little one. These types of ultrasounds give you a more realistic look at your little one. While these are not used as diagnostic tools and add little medical value, they are still very popular among expecting parents as they allow them to see the baby’s face and see them move around.

Talk, read, and sing to the little one

Once you give birth, you can continue talking to the baby just like you were before they were born. From talking about what you’re doing with them, to reading them books and singing songs, there is plenty you can do to help them get more familiar with your voice and recognize you as their parent.

Imitate their noises

Besides talking normally, you can also try copying the noises your baby makes. When they make a sound, imitate it and wait for a response. Then, you can again do what they did, and so on. Make sure to look into their eyes and smile as you do so.

Smile and laugh together

Speaking of smiling, you should regularly look at them with a smile on your face. Also, try laughing and see if they laugh back. Give them a tickle and see how they’re responding. When they start giggling, you should follow. Look into their eyes while engaging in this way.

Give them regular baths

A good way to bond with your baby is by giving them a bath every evening. The baby will get a sense of security as you gently handle them and provide them with support. They will be experiencing water for the first time and you will be there to make them feel protected. You can strengthen the bond between you and your child by creating a pleasant bath.

Provide them with skin-to-skin contact

It’s also recommended to provide your little one with skin-to-skin contact. For example, if you’re a nursing parent, this is possible during breastfeeding time. On the other hand, you can always carry your baby around and allow for some skin to touch. Another thing to consider is giving them a massage.

Let them feel your heartbeat

Whether it’s skin-to-skin or through clothes, you should also remember to keep your baby on your left side when holding them. That way, they will be able to feel your heartbeat, which can be very calming to the infant. Moreover, they can be reminded of the womb’s environment and feel more secure.

Look out for their signals

You will also want to learn to recognize your baby’s signals and understand what they are asking of you. Showing them that you’re aware of their cues will help the baby feel more comfortable around you and trust you more.

Cuddle them if they’re upset

In case these signals show you that they are upset, you want to soothe them. Hold and cuddle them until they start feeling calmer. As mentioned, holding them close to your heart can be of great help.

Try some new activities

Finally, you can also calmly introduce some new activities. Talk about them while doing so and make sure you don’t do anything abruptly so that you scare them.

As you can see, you can do plenty to feel closer to your baby. Work on that bond and you and your little one will have a great relationship.